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Project Overview

TAILTEST is an Innovation Action within the European Commision’s Horizon 2020 Clean Sky 2 program under Grant Agreement No. 865123.

The team of TAILTEST comprises the Czech Aerospace Research Centre and Athena Research and Innovation Center as Beneficiaries, as well as Fokker Aerostructures as Topic Manager.

The overall objectives of TAILTEST are to perform structural tests to support the certification process of a rotorcraft tail and to develop and validate advanced numerical models for the simulation of debonding propagation in structural joints.

A multipurpose test rig is required to serve the purposes of performing rotorcraft vertical tail structural tests, as well as testing of representative structural joints (e.g. fin spar to skin). The starting point of the technical developments of TAILTEST will be the design and manufacturing of this multipurpose test rig.

If you are new to the field of experimental testing and model validation, you may find relevant publications and presentations on this website.

Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking

Clean Sky is the largest European research programme developing innovative, cutting-edge technology aimed at reducing CO2, gas emissions and noise levels produced by aircraft. Funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, Clean Sky contributes to strengthening the European aero-industry collaboration, global leadership and competitiveness.