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TAILTEST Consortium

The Industrial Systems Institute (ISI) was established in Patras on February 1998. In 2003, ISI became part of the Athena RC.  The main aims of ISI are the active participation and substantial contribution at high-technology sectors, which relate to integrated industrial systems, with the objective of increasing the competitiveness of the Greek industry, through application of state-of-the-art technologies.

Czech Aerospace Research Centre is a national scientific and technical centre for research, development and testing in aeronautics and space located in Prague, Czech Republic. VZLU was founded in 1922. It operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic. The main mission of VZLU is to generate new knowledge, transfer it into industrial practice and to provide its partners with the maximum support in the development of new products. The major multidisciplinary fields of VZLU include aerodynamics, structure strength and durability, material and corrosion engineering, composite materials and technologies, and accredited testing. In the field of product development. VZLU collaborates closely with similar organizations throughout Europe to provide feed-back necessary for its continuous development. VZLU has been involved in large-scale R&D projects funded by the European Commission and by direct bilateral agreements with the Czech and Europe industrial partners. VZLU was also coordinator of several EU projects.

Fokker Aerostructures BV is part of Fokker Technologies, an enterprise with a turn-over of 760 M€ in 2014, owned since end of 2015 by GKN Aerospace. Fokker Technologies delivers aircraft components for 75 platforms, such as Airbus A320, A350 and A380, Boeing 747-8, Lockheed Martin F35 Lightning II (JSF), Boeing Apache, Boeing Chinook, Gulfstream 550 and 650, Dassault F5X, F7X and F8X, Bombardier C series, NH90 helicopter and Agusta Westland AW169. Fokker Aerostructures is a Design and Build specialist in the design and development of primary structure components for both civil and military air vehicles. It is perceived by it’s customers as a technology supplier which enables its customers to improve their product performance by employing advanced material technology to lower structural weight and reduce product life cycle cost at an affordable cost level.

Albert Entink is the Chief Engineering for LIFTT, [email protected]
Michel Brethouwer is the Structural Analysis Lead for LIFTT, [email protected]
Gideon Heuer is the Project manager of LIFTT and Topic Manager of Tailtest project, [email protected]